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how might we create fluidity with information and possible connection of information that impact health danger
Project description: 

We have all seen the movie, so how do we design a service to assist two way communication as an app in the case of a lockdown.

-info graphics on maps that are GPS aware, searchable and public / private sharable.
-Connect the government agencies with the data via easy reporting and easy visualisation.

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Will Donovan - Mapping and tech expertise to IT app
Mark Watson - Concept and strategy

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Design Providence's picture

3 pm so far yet so near!

Nat-tastic's picture

Interesting Idea! It reminds me of the iPhone app for dob-in parking inspectors sightings. Only problem was not very many people use it, despite it being intuitive, map ready and GPS enabled etc. I even found myself not bothered with keying in an alert when I saw a parking inspector because of a type of NIMBY principle. ie my car was in another location and was paid up.

I like the idea of the health alert - I can see good application when the next #### flu strain comes around - however, how could we get people to plug the alerts in?


mark's picture

The how question was what Will & I were jamming, a lot of push - pull talk across public (voluntary) and govt (mandatory) as well as how the privacy act legislation barrier could prevent action in a crisis.

Hope you enjoyed your jam, we get a lot out of them.
And thanks to Adam & Marcus if you are listening.


Mark Watson