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Experience Share

Experience Share incresease idea generation, networking and PD opportunities across the APS.
Project description: 


Experience Share is a service for the Australian Public Service that increases idea generation, encourages cross-Departmental networking and provides a free professional development training opportunity for staff, in a simple, low risk, low cost environment.


The public service can be an exciting place to work – with a diversity of roles and careers opportunities.
However with busy work places, heavy workloads, tight deadlines - finding the time to dedicate to our own professional and personal development can be tough. What’s more – unless a Manager can see the benefit in it for them and their team, they can be reluctant to support and fund these opportunities.

There is a solution –

And that is Experience Share.

Experience Share is a service that connects individuals with teams within the Australian Government – so that an exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience takes place.

Research from the University of Paisley, show peer and mentor support provided at the “right time” is more cost effective in the long run for organisations compared with formal training. Additionally, a recent academic report on innovation in the public sector states that by informally sharing cross disciplines, faster accelerates learning and capability development on many levels and more likely leads to innovation.

We believe our service facilitates this.

The service is simple to use, using a similar website platform to something you would find on dating sites such as RSVP. It gives the user the option to nominate whether they were an individual or team, their time commitment preferences, what they were searching for, and what they can offer. This is validated by a guarantor, someone like a Manager approving the registration.

The website then connects individuals and teams, based on what they’re seeking, and what they can offer. The experience that follows may take various forms:
• Two people sharing a coffee, perhaps marking the beginning of a mentoring relationship
• A member of one department spending a few 3 days in another department, working on a team project where their skills compliment the host team members.

The service provides an option for Managers to support their staff seeking professional development opportunities, whilst having a very minimal effect on resources – such as time and cost. In addition – a Manager will effectively have overseen the injection of new ideas into their team.

Individuals will benefit from the experience share by having the opportunity to experience new processes, work places and work styles.

Everyone involved with the service will have been engaged by Experience Share. The ongoing legacy of the experience is not only the creation and sharing of new ideas but the establishment of new relationships and champions for ongoing learning.

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Aleesha Clarke
Angie Good
Blair Briggs
Brett C
Matt Byrne
Nat Maras

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Nat-tastic's picture

I think this concept can work extremely well and put together simply. I'll be updating this to include a new file which will include a proper narrative of the storyboard, user pathway, site mockup and blueprint. Together with a schematic of how I think the site should operate we can take this forward.

The next step would be to use this as part of management /executive approval to allow experience share to be a feasible and viable component of succession, capability development and staff engagement policies.


Saleh Amini's picture

Hi Nat!
This a great concept, I liked it very much.
Our idea was to keep the micro-economies rolling in Local areas :) but your concept is great, people who share the same passion can share their experiences physically meeting with each other. Great!
I would like too keep in contact with you and see how it goes and how it develops into something real. my email is saleh.amini[at]gmail hope to hear from you soon, please tell me if I can help in anyway.
and Just one question: what is APS that you referred to in your profile? I found many abbreviations one being "Australian Psychological Society" is that it? if not what is it?
Thanks for your compliment on our page, I hope this connection goes on to be infectious too :)

Peter's picture

The simplicity and value is self evident

Hi Nat, I agree that this was a great project and well executed in the prototyping and presentation.

I recall someone mentioned it is "like RSVP, but for work" - an effective description because most people are aware of online dating. This is, of course, a different but equally important aspect of personal connection and fulfilment. Plus the relationships hopefully infuse the APS with highly motivated and worldly agents of change-for-the-better.

Hi Saleh, APS = Australian Public Service. The Canberra JAM was (understandably) full of APS jargon.

JAM on!


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