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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Find a Tribe

Find a Tribe: "Join. Do. Stay." Government support for community connections.
Project description: is a government-supported space for citizens to connect with community groups which support their personal and life aims. Following the motto "Join. Do. Stay." it provides spaces for existing and new groups (from QUIT to local activity groups) and enables users to join these groups, to network and organise activities, and to track their achievements. An element of (benign) competitiveness can be built in as appropriate, in order to encourage users to stick with these activities and compare their achievements with other groups. Activities include health and fitness, social sports, community engagement, arts and crafts, DIY, adult education, men's and women's groups, and many more. Initial roll-out of the site may begin by targetting some of these areas preferentially, though.

The site will be promoted in context and through viral word of mouth - for example, by offering discounted nicotine patches that display a QR code which links to QUIT groups on the site as a temporary tattoo (see mockup photo: - or by introducing such QR codes to cigarette packs as part of the new plain packaging legislation (see mockup: Other promotions may include click-through interstitials with links to social sporting groups on the site, which pop up as users buy tickets for games at Suncorp stadium, or marketing through schools which targets parents. The site is also designed to be closely interconnected with social media (Facebook, Twitter) and allows users to share their activities and achievements through such channels, in order to make the site more visible to others and generate viral word of mouth.

The main site interface (see mockup: is inspired by the TED Talks site, which offers an easily browsable interface which variously reflects the popularity of specific groups, their level of activities, or other factors. Group pages themselves (mockup here: offer functionality for posting group news, listing current and upcoming events and activities, tracking achievements, supporting online interactions between members, and sharing information through external channels. The site will also regularly feature specific groups on the homepage, selected randomly, in relation to current events (world anti-smoking day, clean up Australia day, etc.), or based on achievements.

Team photo: 

The team logo was created by Karen Redhead.

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