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When life events occur, govConnect helps connect people to government agencies behind the scenes
Project description: 

Using a death in the family as a life event, we have worked through the effort required for individual to notify government agencies about the death. Often families, in a distraught state with emotions running high have to deal with a multitude of government agencies. This is the last thing on their minds at this time. Commonly after a death event, families will receive correspondence from agencies unaware of the death.

GovConnect aims to alleviate some of this work for the family / executor by leveraging on the natural systems in this life event. Funeral directors already play a large role in advising families and have an already existing connection with BDM.

GovConnect is made up of a few parts. Offline, it aims to provide relevant information to people at a point in time. Ie. information from the funeral directors to the family. Online, BDM connects with other government agencies by providing / transferring the BDM register details of the deceased to the other agencies. In the short term this may be via emails or mail. In the long term, it could happen behind the scenes electronically.

GovConnect then generates correspondence to the family to notify them of the connections made with other agencies. This allows further corresponded from individual agencies if necessary. But alleviates the need for the family to contact the agencies directly during this difficult time.

It is anticipated that that govConnect could include other life events such as birth and marriage.

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