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Brain storming our problem
Pour qui tout ce travail?
O ciclo de percepção, criação e ideação de soluções para melhorar a qualidade de vida de cidadãos...
Jammers Identified the dragon and they worked hard with LEGO bricks to find out an efficient...
galletas de animales
Incredible setting within Matignon Prime Minister services office for @govjamparis2013

Latest updates

#servicedesignday and Global GovJam

on Wed, 06/01/2016 - 15:59

Many people at Global GovJam use a service design approach, so it's great that this year's Jam co-incides with the new "service design day", an initiative by our friends at the Service Design Network. All over the world, people are celebrating service design under the hashtag #servicedesignday. Find out more at the SDN website!


We are jamming!

on Mon, 05/30/2016 - 22:32

We are Jamming! The Jammers in Rome are the first to know the Secret Theme, with their colleagues in Australia and eastern Asia soon to follow. In just a few hours public servants, citizens and innovation specialists will be working together in around 25 cities to rock the world of public service. Join us at #GGovJam!

#GGovJam 2016: first local Jam sites announced - and how to add a Jam in your town or city

on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 18:20
From São Paulo to Stockholm and Cairo to Washington DC, the Global GovJam 2016 is already spanning 4 continents! You can see the locations signed up so far.

Could you host GGovJam in your town or city? Here’s how to get on the map...

1) Read the rules for local organisers. Basically, they say:

  • Be ready to find and set up up a suitable location for the Jam (workspace, connectivity, physical requirements). You do NOT need to do this before you register - in fact, it's better to register first. Sometimes, locations will contact you!
  • Be open to everyone, don't push your product or company. Jam on the shared Global Secret Theme.
  • Later, be ready to handle registrations and participant lists (this can be as simple as a Facebook or Eventbrite page...)
  • Be part of the organisers' community (mostly on our Basecamp, but on other platforms too)..
  • Be non-profit.
  • Police the rules, keep the deadlines.
  • Publicise your event, and publish the results.
  • Have fun!

2) If you're OK with the rules, simply shoot us an email marked "I wanna host!" to Please include:

  • The name and email address of the responsible Jam organiser (this will not be published if you do not want us to - if so please inform us)
  • Jam name (please see the rules on Jam names at the Extended FAQ under "What should I call my Jam?")
  • Location (Continent, country)
  • Location Details (Address + zip code - this can be changed later, but we need an initial reference for your jam to be on the map)
  • Public e-mail address for participants to get in touch with your Jam team
  • Public phone number for participants to get in touch with your Jam team
  • Two people to be registered from you jam on our hosts community Basecamp site (name + email + optional phone number for each)
  • A statement that you agree to keep the Rules of the Jam.

3) Rock the public sector!

Still making up your mind? Here are some good things to know about hosting - including the wise words of previous Hosts.

PS - Anyone can host a jam, so sometimes a city can have more than one team wanting to host a jam. Although that would be possible, since there is no exclusivity in the jam, based on our experience one big Jam is a lot more effective and fun than 2 or 3 smaller jams. See the FAQ for more details. :)

Hello from Leeds! Put your GGovJam on the map...

on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 16:28


Planning to rock the public sector in 2016? It's time to put YOUR GGovJam site on the map!

For 2016, the GGovJam HQ lands in Leeds, UK, from where volunteers will support hosts and jammers around the globe. We'll also be recruiting a distributed team of volunteers across the timezones.

This year we want to celebrate the dedication and experience of jam hosts around the world AND make it as easy as possible for new hosts to put on a jam in their city. If you have ideas of how we could make the GGovJam better, or would like to offer your services to help with the global co-ordination, please drop us a line.

If you're intending to host a jam, please read the FAQ, then let us know by emailing subject line "I wanna host!" to and tell us where you live. We'll soon have you added to the list of locations.

All the best from your (growing) Global HQ team: Matt (GovJam Leeds, GGovJam HQ Team)
Natasche, Ruth, Adam, Markus (GGovJam HQ Team)

**Note about GGovJam dates**
In most countries, where the working week runs from Monday to Friday, the main days of GGovJam will be 1 and 2 June, but some locations might choose to start on the afternoon of 31 May. Countries with other working weeks may hold their GGovJam event one or two days earlier, with the agreement of GGovJam HQ.

See you 1 -2 June, 2016!

on Fri, 07/31/2015 - 23:14
The dates for the next Global GovJam have been set!
The Jam will take place in most countries on Wednesday 1 and  Thursday 2 June 2016. (Some locations might chose to start on the Tuesday 31st May in the afternoon).
(Note: countries with other working weeks may hold the Jam one or two days earlier.)
To sign up your location, read the FAQ and send us a mail. See you at the Jam!
(Not decided if you should Jam? Check the FAQ again or mail us for help!

We Jammed the world of public service

on Thu, 06/11/2015 - 22:40

As the Vancouver GovJam hits the upload deadline, we reach the end of an event that started in Wellington 67 hours earlier - the Global GovJam 2015. What a Jam it has been!

Like every Jam, it has been a great learning experience. People have tried new ways of working, new tools and processes. They attempted to built and test fast prototypes, instead of comparing opinions. They have done their best to add to each other's ideas, instead of championing their own. They have built what they could never have built alone.

Like every Jam, it has brought people together who would not normally meet. Citizens, public servants, business people and all kinds of experts have worked together and shared their views, experience and approaches openly. They have brought their creativity and their ideas, and tested them against a tough deadline and an unfamiliar context. They have hit the streets and talked to citizens and colleagues, testing assumptions and prototypes, opening their ideas up to failure, in an honest search to be better on the next iteration.

Like at every Jam, connections have been made. People did not just meet and exchange cards, but worked, disagreed, failed and then succeeded together. They made impressions on each other and forged collaborations which perhaps will continue.

If you were a supporter of the Jam, we thank you. The Jam is run by a global network of volunteers with no staff and a budget of almost nothing. Without your help, there would be no Jam.

If you were a local Host, Mentor, Juror or Helper, we thank you. You have given your time, expertise and energy for free because you believe in sharing. You are tired, but we hope you are happy. You did an amazing job.

If you were a Jammer, we thank you for giving your precious time and trust to this non-profit event. We hope two things. First, we hope that you found the Jam useful, We hope that there are tools and attitudes which you will take away with you - perhaps the importance of talking to users, the tools of co-creation, the power of impossible deadlines, the experimental approach based on prototyping, the old Jam rule of "Doing, not Talking", or perhaps the unique treasures your local hosts and fellow Jammers shared with you.

And we hope that you enjoyed the Jam. We hope that you had an experience which was pleasant, human, and rewarding - but which accomplished a huge amount of work. We hope you can see that having a good time and working very, very hard are not mutually exclusive. We hope you had fun - we certainly did. We hope you will come again, to the Global GovJam or another one of the global Jams. We hope this because without you, the Jam is nothing. YOU ARE THE JAM.

Thank you! //Jam OFF!

Global HQ Flagship announced

on Mon, 06/08/2015 - 13:13

With hours to go until the Jam starts, the Jamming world will be centered on Ljubljana for three days as the Flagship of JamHQ moves into town. Jam co-initiator Adam Lawrence will vist the Ljubljana Jam and set up the Flagship JamHQ there. As well as HQ helping the local Jammers, some local volunteers will roll up their sleeves to help Jammers worldwide.
"I'm looking forward to meeting the Ljubljana Jammers and press", says Adam, "and seeing how well Slovenia can Jam. Ljubljana has always been a Jam powerhouse and a very innovative location with amazing ideas and a great team working hard to create an absolutely world class event for the participants. I can't wait!"
Speaking for the local organising team, Ana Kyra Becks added, "The Ljubljana GovJam team is excited about having the JamHQ flagship in our city! We think it will show our jammers even more how truly global the event realy is."
Global GovJam is a non-profit event which happens all over the world, run by local Hosts in more than 30 cities and coordinated by an international team of volunteers working all over the planet. Adam Lawrence is Co-Initiator of Global GovJam, Global Service Jam and Global Sustainability Jam, and one of the Jamgineers (global managers) of the GGovJam 2015 edition.

Want to host? Register now!

on Sat, 04/04/2015 - 09:27

A local Jam can be a polished event for hundreds of people or a simple meeting of a few folks around a kitchen table... Why not give it a try?

"So good to be able to do things - not just listen to theory. This experience is really going to help me at work!" (gov employee)
"Global GovJam had a real impact on processes and directly led to a number of internal initiatives." (gov employee)
“I can’t believe how many dedicated and talented people work for Government… I have a new respect for the public service” (citizen jammer)
"I don’t remember ever having this much fun whilst being so productive…" (gov employee)
As a local organiser, you will help others learn about a design-based approach to creativity and problem solving. You will also help support the young discipline of service design. You do not need experience of design or public service - though it might be useful to have those skills in your team or Jam. You'll be supported by a global community of fellow hosts and the advice and materials they share. It's an amazing experience!

If you want to see Global GovJam in your town, start your registration now!

Host a GovJam site from 9-11 June 2015!

on Sun, 03/01/2015 - 23:51

Why not Host a Global GovJam site in your town in 2015?

(The main days of the Jam are the 10 and 11 of June, but if you want, you may start your Jam on the afternoon of the 9th.)

Find out more.

GGovJam 2014: It's over, folks!

on Fri, 06/06/2014 - 10:07

It’s over, folks, it’s over.

It opened in Seoul on Tuesday morning and went round the world twice to close in Cleveland on Thursday night. Now, the locations are closed, the uploads are uploaded and the Global GovJam 2014 is no longer LIVE. #GGovam is over folks. It's over. It was amazing, thrilling, hard, hard work. But it's over.

We all have plenty to do now, looking through the prototypes, tidying up. There are still files being uploaded, and that's great - the more complete the documentation of the prototype, the better. There are newspaper articles to read, TV reports to watch, and lots of new ideas and insights to digest. But first, it's time for your HQ (and your local organisers!) to rest.

And we need to introduce those wonderful people from GlobalHQ who gave up their own time, mostly to sit alone by a computer, supporting you on the Planet Jam and social media, giving you guidance, energy and help - and missing the opportunity to Jam themsleves. Thanks to Ana in the UK, "new guy" Dusan in the Czech Republic, Ruth & Mik in Australia and especially-especially "sleep is for other people" Natasche in Brazil. You were amazing, and this Jam would not have worked without you.

Ruth and Mik deserve another special mention - they had the idea for the first ever GovJam in 2012, and this year they have been working beside Adam and Markus for months, helping to plan and execute the Jam, choosing the Secret Theme, and even making the video (from a hospital bed! Wow!). Thanks, co-hosts!

We're sorry for whatever wrong (blame Adam & Markus!), and we say THANKS for what went right! If you’re back at work already, looking over your shoulder at an unforgettable weekend, then take a moment to look at a few projects, leave some feedback, share a few pictures on Facebook, tell a friend. Thanks to the wonderful Hosts, supporter & EVERY Jammer too!

The Global GovJam 2104 was amazing! And if you want to do it again - better, hotter, wilder, and BIGGER - then we have some news for you. Big news!  ;)

You rocked! You Jammed! YOU are the Jam!



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