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Thanks for GovJam

on Sat, 06/09/2012 - 08:13

What a week! The first ever GovJam pilot has wound down, with Jammers worldwide uploading their contributions to the Jam website. Well done everyone!

We had all sort of folks, from public service employees to government ministers, from farmers to fairies, from professors to students... And they all rocked the public sector! We had 48 hour Jams, 2 hour Jams, and everything in between. The results were amazing - we are just starting to look through them. Why not take a look - and maybe leave some comments? 

But just as important as the projects are the non-tangible outcomes - the new techniques learned, the people we have worked beside, the challenges we have met. And the new experience of high-energy, high-productivity FUN which is the reason we Jam.

We can certainly say that GovJam was a successful pilot. There is room for improvement, of course, but this test run was extraordinarily successful, and we are already talking about the next GovJam, and other similar events. Will you join us? We hope so. :)

So we send a big JAM-THANKS to everyone involved, especially the local hosts. You were amazing, generous. Without you, this Jam would never have worked.

And from GovJam HQ, our warm thanks to the Canberra team of Mik, Wayne and Ruth. Without you, there would never have been a GovJam. You were the infectious connectors.