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Inspire Innovation

on Sat, 04/07/2012 - 18:22

GovJam will be a two day event or people in the public service to learn and apply their skills and experience in designing better service delivery.

A GovJam is about jamming ideas with other folk in government, and designing better ways to deliver services for your department or agency. This is an international workshop that will see Canberra based staff jamming with Public Servants in Australian Capital Cities, and potentially around the world.

The key outcomes are more than the services developed – they are new skills, attitudes and networks. The idea is to build upon a strong network of public servants in service design and innovation who are equipped to rapidly and effectively solve complex issues by doing – not talking. Participants are given a theme to work to and at the end of the Jam the ideas are published publicly.

This event will GovJam is facilitated by the Department of Innovation in collaboration with WorkPlayExperience - the people behind the Global Service Jam - and Proto Partners.

Stay tuned for updates!