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And - POW! - we're international!

on Mon, 05/28/2012 - 20:54

Sometimes the Jam community just blows us away!

As you all know, the GovJam is a Pilot event. We are experimenting with some new formats, based around what certainly will be a polished and professional Jam in Canberra. One new idea is the Satellite Jam - smaller meet-ups all over the world, with various formats and timeframes, where people Jam to the same theme or work to support the Mothership.

We launched this idea pretty late (just two weeks before the Jam!), and we weren't sure if anyone would be interested - but the Jammers really came through!

Already after just a few days, we have Satellites forming in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, the UK, and Iran, alongside the smaller Jams in Australia. And there are more Satellites bubbling up - we hope - in USA and Brazil! These are people who are willing to take a chance, jump in with both feet, and discover how this might be.

Moving forwards by doing, not talking.

What an amazing community this is. Thank you all! :)

Adam & Markus